The Faculty of Law, Economics and Management is a unit of education and research (UFR-fr.) of University du Maine.
This UFR consists of its principal site in Le Mans and a branch in Laval.
The UFR has Administration Council which deliberates financial issues in large sense (including salary allocations to professors and scientific associates of the University), pedagogic issues and research related issues.
These deliberations are later transferred to different related Councils of University du Maine (Academic Council, Scientific Council and Administration Council). U.F.R’s Council consist of representatives, elected from professors and associate professors (18 elected persons), administrative personnel (3 elected persons), students (7 elected persons), and external representatives of local communities and professions inherent to programmes of UFR (7 elected persons).
The U.F.R’s Council is presided by the Dean. The Dean, by means of his decisions and resolutions, administers the Faculty.
The Dean is elected by the staff professors and associates of the Faculty. two Vice-Dean assist him.
The U.F.R is organized around 2 domains: the domain of “Law” and the domain of “Economics and Management”.
Every domain is under the responsibility of “Academic Director”. According to the Regulations, the Vice-Dean is the Director of the domain, different to that of the Dean. The Director of the Dean’s domain is elected by the engaged professors of the domain. Since 2012 the Dean is Pierre Grégoire Marly Professor in Private Law
The Vice-Dean are :
- Sylvie Lebreton Derrien Associate Professor in Private Law, and Xavier Fairise, Professor in Economics

Le Mans offers a portfolio of Bachelor programmes in Law, Economics and Management, (Course Economic and Management) – Economic and Social Administration), Master programmes in Law, Economics and Management,
- Doctoral programmes in Law, Economics and Management.
Besides, 3 Professional Bachelor programmes are directly administered by the U.F.R. (independently or in partnership). Laval offers Bachelor programmes in Law and Professional Bachelor Programme in law.

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