Bachelor of Law

Bachelor of Economics and Management

  1. Bachelor of Economics and Management

Double Licence d’économie et de Mathématiques Parcours "Sciences Actuarielles et financières"

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Master of Law

Master of Economics and Management

Relations Internationales


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Doctoral Institution and Research in Law

  1. Doctoral Institution and Research in Law

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Doctoral Institution and Research in Economics and Management

Different research themes, worked by the team of GAINS and designed to develop further are timely and urgent projects both on the international level - in terms of cooperations they urge, and national - by means of contrats with national institutions (cf. quantitative balance sheet). Since 1996 the sustainability of team members, being stated staff of University du Maine, has led to a real laboratory life development : for seven years seven professors who entered GAINS are still on their positions, and only one associate professor left, which was largely compensated by a new member (Ass. Prof) inseriton (cf. staff changes table below and the table of staff members and seniority). This facilitated integration of new researchers, professors and associate professors, promoting the attractiveness of the laboratory. Top page