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Bachelor of Economics and Management

  1. Bachelor of Economics and Management

Double Licence d’économie et de Mathématiques Parcours "Sciences Actuarielles et financières"

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Master of Law

Master of Economics and Management

Relations Internationales

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Doctoral Institution and Research in Law

  1. Doctoral Institution and Research in Law

Doctoral Institution and Research in Economics and Management

  1. Doctoral Institution and Research in Economics and Management

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Doctoral Institution and Research in Law

Ongoing theses in UFR Law and Economics of Le Mans Koffia Mawunyo AGBENOTO “Test Guarantee of Collective Procedures” Director : DUPICHOT Philippe Ali Ataya “Protection of Individual Rights and Liberties in Course of Criminal Procedures Considering New Technology ; Comparative Study of Lebanon and French Law” Rodolphe Bigot “Management of Civil Responsability of Professions Regulated by Law : Amicable or Legal Strategy” David Corbe Chalon “Reparation in International Public Law” Directeur Michel Cosnard Insurance of Local Public Communities in Conditions of Urban Violence Acts of Investigation Eloise Follias “ The Reference of the Actors of Economy on the Internet ” Director Judith Rochfeld. Flore Larcher “ Is the modification of the environment of behaviour going to provoke (or even require) a reconfiguration of the juridical mechanisms of responsibility. ” under the codirection of Michèle Guilbot (I.N.R.E.T.S.). Olivier Martin “Criminal Responsability of an Auditor” Real Estate Faced with Risks Monarchy and Governmental Parliament in Belgium (XIXth and XXth century.) Director : LE DIVELLEC Armel Estelle Ramothe “ The Senate of the Italian Republic, the Experience of the Second Chamber in Democratic Egalitarian Bicameralism.” Director : LE DIVELLEC Armel “ The Funds of Guarantee and Common Law of Civil Responsability ” Director Judith Rochfeld. Accompaniment of the Life End, Regulated by the Law of Responsability Liberalise World Exchanges and conform to the Regulations of International Environmental Law. What Control Organisations, What Law. Florence VILAIN “Property of Credences” Director : DUPICHOT Philippe “The Novelty in Criminal Law : The Plead Guilty” Director Yves Bot. Top page