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Contact pour les séminaires : Vincent Boitier

Le prochain séminaire aura lieu MARDI 6 novembre 2018 de 10h30 à 12h00 en salle T204.

Intertemporal Complementarity and the New Keynesian Model

par :

  • Elliot Aurissergues (AMSE)

Résumé :
This paper explores an alternative specification of the utility function and its theoretical implications for the new keynesian model. I consider a model where wealth enters in the utility function. My contribution is to study the case of nonseparability between consumption and future wealth and more precisely the case of complementarity between the two. I do not assume any functional form for the utility function. I consider the general case and derive linearized equations for consumption and labor supply. I show that the elasticity of labor supply with respect to real interest rate becomes the response of real wages to a change in real interest rate becomes lower. I discuss the plausibility of my specification and show some implications for the forward guidance puzzle.

Voici le programme des séances à venir :

- 13/11/18 : Fabien Moizeau, Université de Rennes 1, salle T204

Titre : Who Lives Where in the City ? Amenities, Commuting and Income Sorting, avec C. Gaigné, H. Koster et J.-F. Thisse

- 20/11/18 : Emmanuel Auvray, Le Mans Univeristé, salle T204
- 27/11/18 : Caroline Hillairet, ENSAE
- 04/12/18 : TBA
- 11/12/18 : Jérôme Ronchetti, Le Mans Université, salle T204
- 18/12/18 : Séminaire Big Data

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Séminaires 2018/2019 :

- 06/11/2018

Intertemporal Complementarity and the New Keynesian Model ->
par :

  • Elliot Aurissergues (AMSE)

- 23/10/2018

Wage Incidence of Corporate Income Tax : Contrasting Individual and Firm-Level Responses to a Large Tax Credit in France
par :

  • Clément Malgouyres (IPP)
    avec Clément Carbonnier, Loriane Py et Camille Urvoy

- 09/10/2018 reporté au 16/10

A search and matching model with workers heterogeneity and endogenous job destruction : solving the "Shimer puzzle"
par :

  • Nicolas Lefebvre (Le Mans Université)

- 02/10/2018

Finite mean field games : fictitious play and convergence analysis
par :

  • Saeed Hadikhanloo (Ecole Polytechnique et INRIA-Saclay)

- 25/09/2018

Search and multiple jobholding
par :

  • Etienne Lalé (UQAM)

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